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    Is promoting this difficult?

    Why not ask a Pro?

     The Promoters Forum?

    One of the goals of the Promoters Forum is to help all members promote better more dynamic events – work more efficiently – with better customer relations. The result of more enjoyment, and better profitability.

    Are you ready?          

    You have decided to promote your first event, but unless you have worked in that field the task may be overwhelming? Every event is different, your idea may be original; but with the where what when and how you may still need help.

    1) In the Forum you are invited to ask questions about creating events.

    2) The experienced promoters then may answer any questions and share their experience.           

    The Benefits

    A) Our Exclusive Promoters Forum Membership has many benefits.

    B) Your Membership includes posting up to 25 events each year.

    C) Everyone that posts an event will become a member of Weebew Club. This will add you to our exclusive email list and newsletter mailings: posted every week, if you agree? Posting an event does not make you a member of the Promoters Forum.

    D) Membership in the Promoters Forum will offer some powerful ideas and benefits to keep Weebew Club fun and educational, with some excellent advertising benefits plus more. No timeline on that yet.

    Please tell everyone who promotes or plans events or is searching for a special event about Weebeworld Events.

    Of course, each person who visits Weebew Events has the ability to find their dream event? ( click show on the calendar)

    We built Weebew Events for someone anywhere to post an event; it could just be the one you’re looking for?

    Please tell all your friends anywhere in the world about Weebeworld Events.

    If your event is not on the list, (click Show on the calendar) or email us and we will add it.

    We reserve the right to delete your Forum or event post if it doesn’t meet our code of ethics! There are no refunds on single events.
    Refunds for Promoters Forum must be within 3 days of sign-up.

    Why is the Promoters Forum vital to you?

    Have you participated in an event, and the water stop was out of water? Yes, folks, it’s HELL, for the athlete and the promoter, water is such a simple thing; how could that happen? One of the goals of the Promoters Forum is to help avoid these types of mistakes.

     The first 100 EVENTS are free.

    After the first 100 events are filled (free), then every single event is $3.00. Toastmaster Youth Leadership Programs (YLP) is always free.  Non-Profit Youth Organizations single events $1.50.

    Also for a limited time membership in the Promoters Forum is just ($25) twenty-five a year. You do not have to be a promoter to be a member. Participation in the Forum is optional.

    You may post up to 25 events a year. Not more than (3) three on any given day per group

    Over 25 ($1.00) one dollar per event must be paid in bulk.

    Become a member of the Promoters Forum and receive free sponsor page advertising.  Contact York for info: