Why have a mission?



    Please understand I am not more than a 9th graduate. My goal here is not to woo you with my grammar, but to create something most folks may need?
    This boring story is to tell you I am not just some guy who thought let’s build an events calendar website and be just like Facebook and use all your information for profit? All your information is private on Weebeworld, you agree to post only what is necessary for others to find you or your event.

    Any POSTINGS we deem inappropriate will be deleted! Must be appropriate for children, your grandmother or big bird!

    My Story,
    After teaching 18 Toastmaster Youth Leadership Programs (YLP)  see all about:www.youthspeakingtoamerica.zohosites.com; Toastmasters.org teaches public speaking in over 140 countries. I realized there is no place for the student or parent, anyone to find these youth programs.
    When you read what the students say, you will understand the value of public speaking; how many of you had the opportunity to take a public speaking course in grade school? Most always answer no!

    Please help me spread the word about our FREE YLP listings. Help our Toastmaster Clubs, teachers, schools, parents introduce the world of public speaking to our children!

    My Story

    As I spent over 50 years in the Landscaping Business, winning the 4 City of St. Petersburg, Florida. City Beautification Awards in landscape maintenance.

    Hobbies: 20 years as Motocross racer see photo

    Unadilla Valley, New Berlin, N.Y. Motocross 1968

    Mountain-biker/cyclist since 1985 see photo

    First Official World Mountain-Bike Championships Durango, Co. Sept. 1990


    Creator of The Florida State Mountain-bike Championship Series 1991-1994 

    Ocala, Fla. Jan. 1991, first ever Showtime Promotions Mountain-Bike race. How about those socks!

    Creator of the Next Generation off-road Series ” Heaven & HELL” 1997-99.

    Heaven & HELL Joe Bonness, the best endurance athlete I ever knew.

    Event promoter of The Mad Beach Mad Dog Triathlons 1999-2003

    Clermont, Fla. Half Ironman

    Event promoter for The St. Petersburg Mad Dog Triathlon Club 1999-2003; largest Triathlon Club in the world then.
    Toastmaster 13 years. DSC_0021.JPGTeacher of 18 Toastmaster YouthLeadership Programs
    Now living in Naga City, Philippines, with my beautiful wife Rowena and creating Weebeworld.

    Weebew Kids Public Speaking Club 2018

    See some of  life’s interesting topics: www.napkinsrooster.blogspot.com
    Please tell everyone, we are creating something special!
    Thank you